Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NAVLE®

Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NAVLE®

By Patricia Schenck

Don’t leave your performance on the NAVLE to chance! With so many ways to review for the veterinary board exam, studying is easy with Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NAVLE PDF — and it’s a smart investment! In-depth coverage of essential information in each of the major veterinary disciplines ensures that you are studying with the best veterinary board review book available.

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  • Exam-based structure familiarizes you with the content you willl see on the veterinary board exam and builds your knowledge step-by-step.
  • Convenient, point-by-point outline format highlights the most essential data to streamline your NAVLE exam preparation.
  • Illustrations clarify and support key points.
  • Case-based study questions test you on the clinical situations you will be challenged with on the exam and in practice.
  • Answer key with rationales explains the logic behind each answer and reinforces important principles.
Table of Contents

Section I: General Disciplines in Veterinary Medicine

1. Clinical Pathology: Clinical Chemistry

2. Clinical Pathology: Cytology

3. Clinical Pathology: Hematology

4. Dentistry

5. Diagnostic Imaging

6. Food Safety

7. Necropsy Techniques

8. Ophthalmology

9. Pharmacology

10. Toxicology

Section II: Small Animal

11. Anesthesia

12. Cardiovascular Disorders

13. Dermatology

14. Emergency Medicine

15. Endocrine Disorders

16. Gastrointestinal Disorders

17. Hematology

18. Infectious Diseases

19. Nervous System Disorders

20. Nutrition

21. Oncology

22. Orthopedic Disorders

23. Preventive Medicine

24. Reproductive Disorders

25. Respiratory Disorders

26. Restraint

27. Soft Tissue Surgery

28. Urinary System Disorders


Section III: Equine

29. Anesthesia

30. Behavior

31. Cardiovascular Disorders

32. Hematology

33. Dermatology

34. Diagnostic Imaging

35. Endocrine Disorders

36. Gastrointestinal Diseases

37. Infectious Diseases

38. Nervous System Disorders

39. Nutrition

40. Oncology

41. Ophthalmology

42. Orthopedic Disorders

43. Preventive Medicine

44. Reproductive Disorders

45. Respiratory Disorders

46. Restraint

47. Surgery

48. Urinary Disorders


Section VI: Food Animal

49. Bovine Medicine and Management

50. Camelid Medicine and Management

51. Ovine/Caprine Medicine and Management

52. Swine Medicine and Management

53. Poultry Medicine and Management


Section IV: Exotics

54. Pet Birds

55. Ferrets

56. Rabbits

57. Rodents

58. Reptiles

59. Zoo Animals

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