Reproduction in Aquatic Animals: From Basic Biology to Aquaculture Technology

By Manabu Yoshida and Juan F. Asturiano

Reproduction in Aquatic Animals: From Basic Biology to Aquaculture Technology PDF provides an up-to-date overview of the various reproductive systems of a variety of aquatic animals, from invertebrates to fishes. While all terrestrial animals use internal fertilization, aquatic animals have diverse reproductive systems. Some are internal fertilizers with or without mating, but many perform external fertilization. Because of this diversity, the reproductive systems of aquatic animals represent excellent models for the study of adaptive evolution and the species specificity of fertilization. In addition, many aquatic animals, including fish, crustaceans, and mollusks, are important as fishery and aquaculture resources. In this book, up-and-coming researchers examine reproductive systems in representative aquatic animals, covering both the basic knowledge and late-breaking results. Reproduction in Aquatic Animals: From Basic Biology to Aquaculture Technology will be of interest to graduate and postgraduate students in biology and agricultural sciences, as well as to researchers and technicians in the fields of reproductive biology and fishery science and to non-academics.

Table of Contents

Foreword: A Brief History of Spermatology


Chapter 1 Overview: Reproductive Systems in Aquatic Animals

Basic Knowledge of Male Gametes in Aquatic Animals

Chapter 2 Introduction to Sperm Motility of Aquatic Animals

Chapter 3 Sperm Activation and Chemotaxis in Invertebrates

Chapter 4 Fish Sperm Maturation, Capacitation, and Motility Activation

Chapter 5 Sperm Guidance into Teleost Fish Egg

Basic Knowledge of Female Gametes and Sperm–Egg Interaction in Aquatic Animals

Chapter 6 Structure of Mature Oocytes

Chapter 7 Gametogenesis, Spawning, and Fertilization in Bivalves and Other Protostomes

Chapter 8 Reproduction in the Coral Acropora

Chapter 9 Self- and Nonself-Recognition of Gametes in Ascidians

Chapter 10 Reproduction of Chondrichthyans

Chapter 11 Fertilization in Amphibians: The Cellular and Molecular Events from Sperm Approach to Egg Activation

Behavior, Ecology and Reproductive Strategies

Chapter 12 Motility and Guidance of Sea Urchin Sperm

Chapter 13 Behavior and Fertilization of Squids

Biotechnology in Aquatic Species

Chapter 14 Improvements on the Reproductive Control of the European Eel

Chapter 15 Sperm Cryopreservation of Aquatic Species

Chapter 16 Specificity of Germ Cell Technologies in Sturgeons

Chapter 17 Intraperitoneal Germ Cell Transplantation Technique in Marine Teleosts

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