Raptors in Captivity, Guidelines for Care and Management

Raptors in Captivity, Guidelines for Care and Management pdf

By Lori R. Arent

Raptors in Captivity: Guidelines for Care and Management PDF. A first-of-its-kind resource, “Raptors in Captivity” is designed as a reader-friendly reference tool covering a wide range of topics from making the decision to keep raptors and choosing suitable species, to housing and transportation, diet, medical care, equipment, training, and recovering a lost bird. From the novice to the experienced, this book provides everyone with the most current techniques — drawn from a consortium of experts and not available in any other written form — for successfully managing a variety of raptor species in captivity.

The Raptor Center, College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Permit

Chapter 2 Selecting a Bird for Education

Chapter 3 Diet

Chapter 4 Housing

Chapter 5 Equipment

Chapter 6 Maintenance Care

Chapter 7 Medical Care

Chapter 8 Training

Chapter 9 Transporting

Chapter 10 Recovering a Lost Bird



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