Proteomics in Domestic Animals from Farm to Systems Biology

By Andre Martinho de Almeida, David Eckersall and Ingrid Miller

Proteomics in Domestic Animals from Farm to Systems Biology PDF. Proteomics, like other post-genomics tools, has been growing at a rapid pace and has important applications in numerous fields of science. While its use in animal and veterinary sciences is still limited, there have been considerable advances in this field in recent years, in areas as diverse as physiology, nutrition and food of animal origin processing. This is mainly as a consequence of a wider availability and better understanding of proteomics methodologies by animal and veterinary researchers. This book provides a comprehensive, state-of-the-art account of the status of farm-animal proteomics research, focusing on the principles behind proteomics methodologies and its specific applications and offering clear example.

Table of Contents
Proteomics in Domestic Animals on a Farm to Systems Biology Perspective: Introductory Note

Considerations for Farm Animal Proteomic Experiments: An Introductory View Gel-Based Versus Non-gel-Based Approaches

Quantitative Gel Electrophoresis

Sample Preparation for 2DE Using Samples of Animal Origin

Gel-Free Proteomics

Proteomic Research in Farm Animal Serum and Plasma

Proteomic Research in Urine and Other Fluids

Colostrum Proteomics Research: A Complex Fluid with Multiple Physiological Functions

Proteomics in Milk and Dairy Products

Proteomics in Skeletal Muscle Research

Proteomics and the Characterization of Fatty Liver Metabolism in Early Lactation Dairy Cows

Proteomics Research in the Adipose Tissue

Proteomics and Mammary Gland Research in Dairy Species

Proteomics in Wool and Fibre Research

Proteomics of Meat Products

Proteomics in Fish and Aquaculture Research

The Use of Proteomics to Study Biomarkers of Stress and Welfare in Farm Animals

Bioinformatics Support for Farm Animal Proteomics

Peptidomics on Farm Animal Research

Studying the Animal Transcriptome: State of the Art and Challenges in the Context of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

NMR Metabolomics pari passu with Proteomics: Two Relevant Tools for Animal Sciences Combined

Omics and Systems Biology: Integration of Production and Omics Data in Systems Biology

Proteomics in Domestic Animals on a Farm to Systems Biology Perspective: Final Remarks and Future Prospects

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