SProper Maintenance of Instruments in Veterinary Surgeries

Due to many enquiries from veterinary surgeons regarding the preparation of instruments, the Instrument Preparation Working Group (AKI) decided to become involved in this sector too. A green brochure has been developed in cooperation with veterinary surgeons and the relevant industry alongside the red brochure for human medicine instruments and the yellow brochure for the dental sector. During the revision of the brochure regarding its content it became clear that the recommendations from the human sector could be adapted. Beyond that, the green brochure also contains references for specific instruments, like e.g. clippers.

The intention is to provide users with a guide containing detailed instructions for the correct handling of instruments. The instruments’ value thereby being optimised.

These instructions are intended as a supplement to the recommendations published by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology, as well as relevant accident prevention regulations and the instructions of the manufacturer.

Proper instrument disinfection and sterilization clearly depends on adequate cleaning and care, as well as on selecting the right materials and using suitable cleaning agents and treatment processes in order to maintain the value of the instruments.

Therefore, we have every reason to thank the Instrument Preparation Working Group for publishing this brochure for the veterinary medicine. We can only hope that the AKI gives this topic due consideration in the future too.

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