Practical Guide to Equine Colic

Practical Guide to Equine Colic PDF

By Louise L. Southwood and Joanne Fehr

Practical Guide to Equine Colic PDF takes a step-by-step clinical approach to the medical management of this common condition. Covering colic management and treatment from the veterinarian’s first involvement through referral, surgical intervention, and long-term recovery, the book offers practical advice on managing a colic case. Designed for easy navigation, chapters are brief and fully cross-referenced, allowing the reader to quickly find and apply information in the practice setting.

The book incorporates key points, checklists, clinical tips, step-by-step illustrations, and case examples, emphasizing clinically relevant information throughout and referencing the most applicable and up-to-date literature.  Practical Guide to Equine Colic is an ideal resource for daily use in treating horses with colic, appealing to students, equine practitioners, and specialists alike.

Table of Contents

Contributors ix

Preface xi

Overview of Practical Guide to Equine Colic xii

1 Patient Signalment and History 1
Louise L. Southwood

2 Physical Examination 12
Louise L. Southwood

3 Abdominal Palpation per Rectum 22
Louise L. Southwood and Joanne Fehr

4 Nasogastric Intubation 38
Joanne Fehr

5 Management of Mild Colic 45
Sarah Dukti

6 Analgesia 51
Luiz C. Santos and Louise L. Southwood

7 Enteral Fluid Therapy 62
Jennifer A. Brown and Samantha K. Hart

8 Referral of the Horse with Colic 71
Louise L. Southwood and Joanne Fehr

9 Clinical Laboratory Data 78
Raquel M. Walton

10 Abdominocentesis and Peritoneal Fluid Analysis 87
Raquel M. Walton and Louise L. Southwood

11 Intravenous Catheterization and Fluid Therapy 99
Louise L. Southwood

12 Abdominal Sonographic Evaluation 116
JoAnn Slack

13 Abdominal Radiographic Examination 149
Sarah M. Puchalski

14 Trocharization 160
Joanne Fehr

15 Medical versus Surgical Treatment of the Horse with Colic 164
Louise L. Southwood

16 Colic Surgery 173
Kira L. Epstein and Joanne Fehr

17 Specific Causes of Colic 204
Eileen S. Hackett

18 Postoperative Patient Care 230
Samantha K. Hart

19 Postoperative Complications 244
Diana M. Hassel

20 Biosecurity 262
Helen W. Aceto

21 Special Considerations 278
Louise L. Southwood

22 Long-term Recovery and Prevention 292
Louise L. Southwood

23 Nutrition 301
Brett S. Tennent-Brown, Kira L. Epstein, and Sarah L. Ralston

24 Gastrointestinal Parasitology and Anthelmintics 316
Louise L. Southwood

Appendix A Clinical Scenarios 325

Appendix B Drug Dosages used in the Equine Colic Patient 330

Appendix C Normal Ranges for Hematology and Plasma Chemistry and Conversion Table for Units 339

Index 343

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