Practical Avian Medicine


Practical Avian Medicine

Practical Avian Medicine Pdf

By Heidi L. Hoefer

Practical Avian Medicine PDF. Brought together in one volume for the first time are the most informative articles from Compendium, as well as specially illustrated articles from Perspectives, on diagnosing, treating and caring for a wide variety of birds. With the handy index, use this book as your source for such avian issues as dermatology, egg binding, surgery, ophthalmology, electrosurgery, anaesthesia, and emergency care. Articles never before published have been added to the collection to form an indispensable tool for treating birds. Brilliant colour diagrams provide a visual reference for avian cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems.

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Table of Contents

Avian anatomy

Avian radiography

Avian emergency care

Comparative cytodiagnosis

Topics in avian disease

Avian surgery and orthopedics

Avian dermatology


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