Noninfectious Diseases and Pathology of Reptiles, Color Atlas and Text, 2nd Edition

Noninfectious Diseases and Pathology of Reptiles, Color Atlas and Text, 2nd Edition

By Michael M. Garner and Elliott R. Jacobson

This book accompanies Infectious Diseases and Pathology of Reptiles, Second Edition to cover noninfectious diseases of reptiles, meeting the need for a similar, authoritative single-source reference. The volume features color photos of normal anatomy and histology, as well as gross, light, and electron microscopic imagery of diseases.

Subjects range from neoplasia, nutrition, and metabolic disease, and deposition disorders to developmental anomalies, trauma, and physical diseases, and the unique contribution of paleopathology and diseases of bone. Each chapter is supported by numerous figures, many of which are unique and cannot be found in the published literature. Readers will note that some of the chapters are based on organ system, a trend that will continue into the next edition to encompass all of the basic organ systems.

This book holds the most information ever accrued into one publication on noninfectious diseases and pathology of this class of animals, providing information on every aspect of the anatomy, pathophysiology, and differential diagnosis. With up-to-the-minute data, a never-before-seen collection of images, and a stellar panel of contributors, Noninfectious Diseases and Pathology of Reptiles is the definitive resource for veterinarians, biologists, and researchers involved in the study of reptile diseases.

Table of Contents

1. Reptile Neoplasia by Elise E. B. Ladouceur

2. Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases by Carles Juan-Sallés and Thomas Boyer

3. Depositional Diseases by Erin A. Graham, Rachel E. Burns and Robert J. Ossiboff

4. Normal and Abnormal Reptile Development by Marcelo P. N. De Carvalho, Gregory A. Lewbart, James R. Stewart and Jeanette Wyneken

5. Degenerative Diseases by Nancy L. Stedman

6. Trauma and Physical Diseases by Christine L. Miller

7. Environmental and Miscellaneous Toxicoses in Reptiles by Jorge Orós, María Camacho and Octavio P. Luzardo

8. Physiology and Diseases of the Reproductive System by John Roberts and Daniel A. Warner

9. Reptile Cardiovascular System by James E. Bogan, Jr. and Joaquin Ortega

10. Bone Alteration by Disease: Its Appearance, Phylogeny and Penetrance through Geologic Time by Bruce Rothschild

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