Narrative Medicine in Veterinary Practice


Narrative Medicine in Veterinary Practice

Narrative Medicine In Veterinary Practice Pdf Download

By Karen R. Fine

Narrative Medicine in Veterinary Practice PDF is the first guide to Veterinary Narrative Medicine, a cutting-edge approach in human medicine with multiple applications in veterinary medicine. The text combines the latest research with numerous real-world examples and practical techniques to improve client communication, patient care, and veterinary well-being.

Narrative Medicine in Veterinary Practice PDF maintains that a patient should be viewed as an individual rather than an example of a disease process, and that this can be accomplished by using narrative. This book explores methods and theories from leaders in the human Narrative Medicine field while addressing topics unique to veterinary medicine. Readers will gain tools to help navigate difficult conversations and situations in clinical practice, including those involving the end of life.

Narrative Medicine in Veterinary Practice also addresses the important issue of veterinary wellness. The ability to view the veterinarian’s own stories and those of clients and patients as narratives may help practitioners maintain both emotional and work-place boundaries as well as decrease burnout and compassion fatigue. The book describes basic techniques to promote self-reflection and mindfulness, skills often overlooked in the veterinary profession which can improve resilience and increase the enjoyment of veterinary practice.

This is important reading for veterinary practitioners, students, veterinary nurses, technicians, social workers, and all veterinary clinic staff.

Table of Contents


Part One: Narrative Medicine for People.

Chapter One: Overview.

Chapter Two: Related Fields.

Part Two: The Veterinary Appointment.

Chapter Three: Before the Appointment

Chapter Four: Taking a History.

Chapter Five: Creating a Plan.

Chapter Six: Recording the Narrative

Part Three: Unique to Veterinary Medicine.

Chapter Seven: The Connection Triangle.

Chapter Eight: Grief, Guilt, and Shame

Chapter Nine: The Workplace

Chapter Ten: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Chapter Eleven: Veterinary Social Work

Part Four: Our Own Stories

Chapter Twelve: Burnout and Fatigue

Chapter Thirteen: Reflective Practice

Chapter Fourteen: Moving Forwards

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