Modern Veterinary Practice Management

Modern Veterinary Practice Management

By Margit Gabriele Muller

Modern Veterinary Practice Management Book PDF. The classical veterinary education revolves around the anatomy, physiology, diseases and their treatment of the bovine, avian, equine, swine species and the assorted small animals. This book discusses the reasoning of both the veterinary profession in its medical care, innovation and scientific logic and also the tools and laws of the business world which cannot be ignored, if a veterinary practice shall survive. It is the reasonable synthesis of both, which eventually leads to profound business success and a medical reputation of excellence.

Table of Contents
Current trends in veterinary practices
Market analysis
Veterinary practice types
Planning and strategy
Location and premises
Human resources management
Accounting, management accounting, and budgeting
Finance, financial accounting, and financial management
Administrative management
Client management
Operations management
Supply chain management, outsourcing, and inventory
Information technology management and internet
Leadership and empowerment
Performance management
Occupational health and safety management
Risk analysis and emergency preparedness
Successful growth of the veterinary practice
Excellence in veterinary practice

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