Long Acting Animal Health Drug Products Fundamentals and Applications

Long Acting Animal Health Drug Products Fundamentals and Applications PDF

By Michael J. Rathbone, Arlene McDowell

Long acting veterinary formulations play a significant role in animal health, production and reproduction within the animal health industry.  Such technologies offer beneficial advantages to the veterinarian, farmer and pet owner. These advantages have resulted in them growing in popularity in recent years.

The pharmaceutical scientist is faced with many challenges when innovating new products in this demanding field of controlled release. This book provides the reader with a comprehensive guide on the theories, applications, and challenges associated with the design and development of long acting veterinary formulations.  The authoritative chapters of the book are written by some of the leading experts in the field.  The book covers a wide scope of areas including the market influences, preformulation, biopharmaceutics, in vitro drug release testing and specification setting to name but a few.  It also provides a detailed overview of the major technological advances made in this area. As a result this book covers everything a formulation scientist in industry or academia, or a student needs to know about this unique drug delivery field to advance health, production and reproduction treatment options and benefits for animals worldwide.

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Table of Contents
Animal Health Markets and Opportunities: Farmed Animal Landscape

Animal Health Markets and Opportunities: Companion Animal Landscape

Anatomy and Physiology of the Farmed Animal

Oral Anatomy and Physiology in the Companion Animal

Physicochemical Principles of Controlled Release Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

Biopharmaceutics and Veterinary Drug Delivery

Quality by Design and the Development of Solid Oral Dosage Forms

Final Product Testing and the Development of Specifications for Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

In Vitro Drug Release Testing of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

Long Acting Rumen Drug Delivery Systems

Controlled Release Intravaginal Veterinary Drug Delivery

Veterinary Long-Acting Injections and Implants

Intramammary Delivery Technologies for Cattle Mastitis Treatment

Veterinary Vaccines

Delivery Systems for Wildlife

Human: Veterinary Technology Cross Over

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