Large Animal Neurology 3rd Edition


Large Animal Neurology 3rd Edition

Large Animal Neurology 3Rd Edition Pdf

By Joe Mayhew , Rob MacKay

Large Animal Neurology 3rd Edition PDF delivers a practical and complete reference for veterinarians, veterinary trainees and scientists dealing with large animal neurology. The book is vividly illustrated in full colour and contains many clinical photographs and detailed line drawings to highlight the concepts discussed within.

Organised into three parts, Large Animal Neurology offers practitioners and students straightforward guides on how to perform neurologic examinations for domestic large animal species, including neonates. It also discusses the presenting clinical syndromes caused by common nervous system diseases, as well as giving details of the specific neurologic diseases of large domestic animals.

Large Animal Neurology 3rd Edition includes:

A thorough introduction to the evaluation of large animal neurologic patients, including discussions of neuroanatomy, neurologic evaluation, ancillary diagnostic aids, and the important pathologic responses of the nervous system Comprehensive exploration of 26 presenting clinical problems, including behaviour disorders, seizures, epilepsy, sleep disorders, blindness, strabismus, monoplegia, wobblers, tetraplegia, pruritus and cauda equina syndrome Detailed coverage of the specific diseases, including those of genetic, infectious, nutritional, toxic and metabolic cause, and the many diseases with multifactorial and with unknown cause Perfect for all equine and farm animal veterinarians, veterinary neurologists, as well as trainees in the field, Large Animal Neurology, Third Edition is also an ideal resource for undergraduate veterinary students, animal pathologists, and neuroscience researchers.

Table of Contents

Preface to third edition vii
About the companion website ix
PART I Evaluation of Large Animal Neurologic Patients
1 Practical neuroanatomy
2 Neurologic evaluation
3 Ancillary diagnostic aids
4 Pathologic responses of the nervous system
PART II Clinical Problems in Large Animal Neurology
5 Disorders of behavior
6 Seizures and epilepsy
7 Sleep and acute collapse disorders
8 Coma and other altered states of consciousness
9 Blindness
10 Miosis, mydriasis, anisocoria, and Horner syndrome
11 Strabismus
12 Dropped mandible and masticatory muscle atrophy
13 Decreased and increased facial sensation
14 Facial paralysis and facial spasm
15 Pharyngeal dysphagia
16 Dilated esophagus
17 Laryngeal paresis and paralysis: roaring
18 Tongue paralysis
19 Head tilt, circling, nystagmus, and other signs of vestibular dysfunction
20 Deafness
21 Disorders of posture and movement
22 Incoordination of the head, neck, trunk and limbs: cerebellar diseases
23 Tetraparesis, paraparesis, and ataxia of the limbs: spinal cord diseases
24 Diffuse weakness
25 Paresis and paralysis of one limb: monoparesis
26 Bilateral brachial paresis to paralysis
27 Urinary bladder distention, dilated rectum and anus, and atonic tail: cauda equina syndrome
28 Pruritus, self-mutilation, headshaking, complex regional pain syndrome, and miscellaneous distressing disorders
29 Autonomic nervous system dysfunction
30 Vertebral and paravertebral problems: stiff neck and sore back
PART III Mechanisms and Specific Diseases
31 Congenital, familial, and genetic disorders
32 Infectious, inflammatory, and immune diseases
33 Physical, chemical, and thermal causes
34 Toxic diseases
35 Nutritional diseases
36 Metabolic diseases
37 Neoplasms and other tumors
38 Multifactorial and idiopathic disorders
Index 588

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