Introduction to Horse Biology

Many students have only a limited knowledge of biology before starting a variety of equine courses, from BHS stages to National Certificate and Diploma and HND/degree. Introduction to Horse Biology provides all the information students of equine subjects require, particularly those without a GCSE or A level in biology.

This book will be invaluable to all students of equine subjects including First Diploma, National Diploma, National Certificate, Higher National Diploma and Higher National Certificate and all students studying for BHS or other equine related examinations. It is also ideal for serious horse owners searching for a better understanding of horses and how they function.

About The Author
Zoe Davies is a former lecturer in equine science, a consultant equine nutritionist and external examiner for equine courses at colleges (for Edexcel). She has substantial experience in equine management and training and has co-authored Horse and Stable Management (4e) (in fact she did most of the revising), Equine Science, Health and Performance (with a new edition in preparation), and The Horse in Motion (all published by Blackwell).
Table of Contents

Cells, tissues and organ systems.

The digestive system.

Circulatory system.

Respiratory system.

Nervous and hormonal systems.

The locomotory system.


Reproduction in horses.


Diseases in horses.


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