Handbook of Equine Emergencies

Handbook Of Equine Emergencies

By Debra Catherine Archer

Handbook of Equine Emergencies PDF is a concise, easy-to-follow practical guide to how to deal with a range of equine emergencies likely to be encountered by clinicians both in the UK and abroad. It is primarily aimed at new graduates and veterinarians who do not deal with equine emergencies on a regular basis, but will also appeal to more experienced equine practitioners who want a quick update on a specific subject area or practical technique.

  • Suitable for all veterinary clinicians seeing horses
  • Concise and practical layout and content
  • Videos, audio, text summaries and images all accessible via your mobile device
  • More than 150 full colour unique images
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Basics

Chapter 2 Wounds And Other Integumentary Emergencies

Chapter 3Musculoskeletal Emergencies

Chapter 4 Oral & Gastrointestinal Emergencies

Chapter 5 Respiratory Emergencies

Chapter 6 Ophthalmic Emergencies

Chapter 7 Neurological Emergencies

Chapter 8 Reproductive Emergencies

Chapter 9 Urinary Tract Emergencies

Chapter 10 Cardiovascular Emergencies

Chapter 11 Hepatic, Endocrine And Metabolic Emergencies

Chapter 12 Emergencies In Foals

Chapter 13 Emergencies In Donkeys And Mules

Chapter 14 Iatrogenic Emergencies

Chapter 15 Infectious Diseases

Chapter 16 Poisoning, Bites And Stings

Chapter 17 Other Specific Emergency Situations

Chapter 18 Other Essentials

Chapter 19 How To…

Abbreviations and Symbols


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