Guide to Starting a Commercial Goat Dairy


Guide to Starting a Commercial Goat Dairy

Guide To Starting A Commercial Goat Dairy

By Carol Delaney

Guide to Starting a Commercial Goat Dairy PDF is meant to provide basic information to those interested in looking at starting a dairy goat farm as a business. Other books cover the detailed management of dairy goats while this guide seeks to touch on those topics that strongly influence management choices. One exception might be milking systems and equipment but we leave readers in the good hands of the Dairy Practices Council for specific guides published on these topics and referenced in the chapters. We hope this guide will help the reader make a realistic plan for the investment of finances in land, buildings and livestock — and decide for or against that investment. We have faith that those who are serious will take the time to write a mission statement, set goals, and create record keeping systems to measure their progress. Then, they will be empowered to use all this data to inform their future decisions. With whole farm, family and land goals to refer to, managers can adjust their operation to correct problems and make informed changes to fulfill their goal.

Table of Contents

Section 1 Getting Started 
Chapter 1 Planning with Knowledge
Chapter 2 To Sell or Process: That is the Question
Chapter 3 Time, Production, and Financial Management
Chapter 4 Building a Farm Budget: The Customized Budget for Start-up and Enterprise Analysis
Chapter 5 Using VTDHIA Herd Management Records

Section 2 Getting Your Goats
Chapter 6 The Feeds Costs of Raising Your Own Dairy Goat Replacements
Chapter 7 Evaluating Dairy Goats
Chapter 8 Resources for Buying, Selling, and Marketing Goats and Meat in the Northeast Region

Section 3 Facilities 
Chapter 9 Housing and Milking Facilities
Chapter 10 Starting a New Milk Processing Facility: Considerations and Costs

Section 4 Milk 
Chapter 11 T ests for Milk Quality
Chapter 12 Guide to Crisis Management of Somatic Cell Counts in Goats

Section 5 Breeding 
Chapter 13 Out-of-Season Breeding
Chapter 14 The Impact of Genetic Selection

Section 6 Feeding 
Chapter 15 General Goat Feeding Behavior and Diet Recommendations
Chapter 16 Grazing and Browsing Basics
Chapter 17 Hay: Buy It or Bale It


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