Veterinary Treatment of Sheep and Goats


Veterinary Treatment of Sheep and Goats

Veterinary Treatment Of Sheep And Goats Pdf

By  Graham R Duncanson

Veterinary Treatment of Sheep and Goats PDF. Sheep and goats are farmed worldwide for meat, milk, skins and wool. This diverse range of uses means that many people rely on these animals as a source of income, food and warm clothing, though they can also be kept as pets. With an accessible structure designed for use in the field, this book provides a general veterinary guide to treating common conditions in these animals. It addresses veterinary medicines and their uses, on-site surgery, equipment, normal values and vital signs, vaccination, nutrition, dental treatment, poisoning and dermatology. Worldwide disease conditions are also covered in detail, with a particular focus on the welfare of the animal and economic reality. A valuable field guide for the veterinary practitioner, this book is also essential reading for veterinary students.

Table of Contents

Table of contents

1: Breeds

2: Behaviour and Restraint

3: Vital Signs and Sample Taking

4: Simple Diagnostic Tests

5: Veterinary Equipment

6: Veterinary Medicines

7: Vaccines

8: Sedation, Anaesthesia, Surgical Conditions and Euthanasia

9: Nutrition and Metabolic Conditions

10: Gastroenteric System

11: Respiratory and Circulatory System

12: Urinary System

13: Reproductive System

14: Neurological System

15: Locomotory System

16: Skin Conditions

17: Poisons

18: Sudden Death and Post-mortem Techniques

19: Zoonotic Diseases

20: Herd and Flock Health Plans

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