Goat Science and Production

Goat Science and Production

By Sandra G. Solaiman

Goat Science and Production PDF is the first text in several decades to present comprehensive, state of the art information on goat science and production practices from an international perspective.  Including information on meat, dairy, and fiber goats, chapters are organized logically to facilitate fundamental understanding of goat anatomy and physiology as well as practical production applications.

Goat Science and Production begins with an overview of current global production, giving the reader necessary context to enhance subsequent chapters on breed variety, genetics, animal evaluation, and functional anatomy and physiology.  Later chapters expand on these concepts highlighting practical application affecting feeding practices, health and disease management, and housing requirements.  Information on milk, meat, and fiber production is also addressed, along with a key chapter on formulating a business plan and marketing strategy. The book concludes with a thorough discussion on further needs in research and education providing direction for future progress.

Goat Science and Production is globally contributed and provides an essential introduction and reference for students, researchers, outreach personnel, and producers world-wide.

  • Provides current information on science and production of meat, dairy, and fiber goats
  • Reviews domestic and international production systems
  • Discusses environmental impacts of goat production
  • Includes coverage of economics and marketing of goat production
Table of Contents

Foreword ix

Preface xi

Acknowledgments xiii

About the Contributors xv

1 Perspectives on Goats and Global Production 3
C. Devendra and S.G. Solaiman

2 Goat Breeds 21
N.K. Gurung and S.G. Solaiman

3 Conservation of Goat Genetic Resources 39
J.N.B. Shrestha and S. Galal

4 Breeding and Genetics 55
J.N.B. Shrestha and G.H. Crow

5 Animal Evaluation 77
R.A. Ebert and S.G. Solaiman

6 Functional Anatomy of the Goat 89
G.M. Constantinescu and I.A. Constantinescu

7 Applied Reproductive Physiology 139
J. Greyling

8 Digestive Physiology and Nutrient Metabolism 157
S.G. Solaiman and F.N. Owens

9 Ingestive Behavior, Diet Selection, and Feed Intake 179
H. Dove

10 Feeds and Feeding Management 193
S.G. Solaiman

11 Health Management, Diseases, and Parasites 217
J.E. Miller, B.M. Olcott, and G.F. Bath

12 Preferred Management Practices 241
L.J. Dawson

13 Meat Production and Quality 255
K.W. McMillin

14 Milk Production 275
Y.W. Park and G.F.W. Haenlein

15 Fiber Production 293
C.J. Lupton

16 Environmental Enhancement 313
A. Peischel

17 Housing Requirements 323
S.G. Solaiman

18 Business Plan, Production Enterprise, and Marketing Strategy 339
S.G. Solaiman, E. Kebede, and E.M. Aviki

19 Future Needs for Teaching, Research, Extension, and Outreach 359
S.G. Solaiman and G.F.W. Haenlein

Appendices 369

Index 389

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