Electrocardiography In Veterinary Medicine

Electrocardiography In Veterinary Medicine PDF

By J.P. Varshney

Electrocardiography In Veterinary Medicine PDF book provides essential information on methodologies for recording electrocardiograms in various animal species, including dogs, cats, cattle, buffaloes, sheep, goats, mithun, chelonians, snakes, avians, equines, rabbits, and the Indian gray mongoose.
It also reviews the electrocardiographic physiology, generation of electrocardiograms, and normal criteria for various animal species; electrocardiograms in health and disease; and the interpretation of abnormal electrocardiograms, cardiomyopathy and arrhythmias, with corresponding treatment protocols.Further, it presents several approaches to interpreting the electrocardiograms of dogs, cats, ruminants, tortoises, pigeons, and other animals, offering a valuable resource for all veterinary students, scientists, and physicians wanting to make greater use of this valuable non-invasive tool in the diagnosis of heart diseases and general health examinations.

  • Provides methodologies and basic principles of electrocardiography for the evaluation of cardiovascular disorders in a wide range of animals
  • Discusses abnormal waveforms and electrocardiographic patterns in various cardiac and non-cardiac diseases in veterinary medicine
  • Covers the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac abnormalities in these animals

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