Domestic Dog Cognition and Behavior, The Scientific Study of Canis Familiaris

Domestic Dog Cognition And Behavior Pdf

By Alexandra Horowitz

Domestic Dog Cognition and Behavior: The Scientific Study of Canis Familiaris PDF highlights the state of the field in the new, provocative line of research into the cognition and behavior of the domestic dog. Eleven chapters from leading researchers describe innovative methods from comparative psychology, ethology and behavioral biology, which are combined to create a more comprehensive picture of the behavior of Canis familiaris than ever before. Each of the book’s three parts highlights one of the perspectives relevant to providing a full understanding of the dog. Part I covers the perceptual abilities of dogs and the effect of interbreeding. Part II includes observational and experimental results from studies of social cognition – such as learning and social referencing – and physical cognition in canids, while Part III summarizes the work in the field to date, reviewing various conceptual and methodological approaches and testing anthropomorphisms with regard to dogs. The final chapter discusses the practical application of behavioral and cognitive results to promote animal welfare. This volume reflects a modern shift in science toward considering and studying domestic dogs for their own sake, not only insofar as they reflect back on human beings.

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Table of Contents

Orientation: Perceptual and Breed Effects on Behavior and Early Ethological Research

Canine Olfaction: Scent, Sign, and Situation

Dog Breeds and Their Behavior

The Significance of Ethological Studies: Playing and Peeing

Behavior and Cognition: Observational and Experimental Results

Dog Imitation and Its Possible Origins

Social Looking in the Domestic Dog

Visual Attention in Dogs and the Evolution of Non-Verbal Communication

Cognitive Development in Gray Wolves: Development of Object Permanence and Sensorimotor Intelligence with Respect to Domestic Dogs

The Future of Dog Research: Critical Reassessment of Methods and Practice, and Practical Applications

Measuring the Behaviour of Dogs: An Ethological Approach

Looking at Dogs: Moving from Anthropocentrism to Canid Umwelt

A Dog’s-Eye View of Canine Cognition

Canine Welfare Science: An Antidote to Sentiment and Myth

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