Diseases of Senior Cats and Dogs: Diagnosis and Therapy, 2nd Edition

Diseases Of Senior Cats And Dogs: Diagnosis And Therapy, 2Nd Edition

By Salvador Cervantes Sala

Diseases of Senior Cats and Dogs: Diagnosis and Therapy, 2nd Edition covers geriatric medicine of dogs and cats, and provides readers, whether veterinary surgeons or students approaching the end of their veterinary medicine degree, with a different approach to clinically useful information on. All chapters have been rigorously reviewed and updated, with a particular emphasis on pharmacological protocols and dosages and new therapies. An entire new chapter on endocrine problems in senior pets has been added.

Table of Contents
  1. Ageing in small animals Ageing in numbers
  2. Nutrition in elderly patients Assessing the nutritional status of geriatric patients
  3. Pharmacological treatment of geriatric patients
  4. Anaesthesia in elderly patients
  5. Environmental enrichment for cats and dogs
  6. Chronic pain. Arthrosis Introduction. Definitions and basic concepts Pathophysiology of pain Identifying pain
  7. Orodental problems in elderly animals Considerations before starting The orodental exam
  8. Chronic kidney disease Definition and prevalence Renal physiology
  9. Liver problems in geriatric patients
  10. Endocrine problems in senior patients
  11. Reproductive diseases in senior patients
  12. Senior cardiovascular disease
  13. Most frequent neurological problems in senior patients
  14. Health plans in senior animals
  15. Bibliography

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