Diseases and Disorders of the Sheep and Goat

By K. A. Linklater, K. W. Angus

Diseases and Disorders of the Sheep and Goat PDF. The sheep and goat are important to the economies of many countries worldwide through the production of wool, meat and milk. Often raised in open extensive systems, flocks are highly susceptible to outbreaks of disease, and quick recognition of ill-health is a high priority for husbandrymen and for the veterinarians advising them. In this atlas, designed as a concise aid to diagnosis, the authors have brought together over 800 photographs of conditions seen in a range of breeds from all over the world, enabling the reader to recognize diseases and take action.

Table of Contents


1- Selected Heritable and Developmental Abnormalities
2- Generalised Infectious Diseases Found Worldwide
3- Endoparasitic Diseases of the Alimentary System
4- Miscellaneous Diseases of the Alimentary System
5- Diseases of the Nervous System
6- Diseases of the Locomotor System
7- Diseases of the Respiratory System
8- Diseases of the Reproductive System and Udder
9- Fetopathies and Diseases of the Placenta
10- Skin and Ectoparasitic Diseases
11- Diseases of the Urinary System
12- Diseases of the Eye
13- Diseases of the Cardiovascular System
14- Diseases of the Haemic and lymphatic Systems
15- Metabolic Diseases and Nutritional Deficiencies
16- Diseases of Tropical and Sub-Tropical Regions
17- Miscellaneous Toxicities
18- Miscellaneous Neoplasms


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