Dilemmas in Animal Welfare

Dilemmas in Animal Welfare pdf

By Michael C. Appleby, Daniel M. Weary and Peter Sandøe

Dilemmas in Animal Welfare Book PDF. There are many ongoing debates within and about the subject of animal welfare. This book distils some of the major themes of current debate into one volume, edited by internationally known names in the field of animal welfare. Each chapter is written by one or more leading experts who discuss, in an even-handed way, a provocative topic that will be of interest to anyone concerned with animal welfare. Issues covered include tail docking, farm animal production, neutering of feral cats and the need to conserve habitats of native wild animals in the face of threats from non-native species. Chapters address the different values and priorities involved in dealing with these issues, including scientific and more explicit ethical approaches. Each chapter ends with questions for discussion that may help readers to engage with these dilemmas.

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Table of Contents
Introduction : values, dilemmas, and solutions
Tales about tails : is the mutilation of animals justifiable in their best interests or ours?
Fat companions : understanding the welfare effects of obesity in cats and dogs
Welfare and quantity of life
Improving farm animal welfare : is evolution or revolution needed in production systems?
Whom should we eat? why veal can be better for welfare than chicken
Public health and animal welfare
Balancing the need for conservation and the welfare of individual animals
Value conflicts in feral cat management : trap-neuter-return or trap-euthanize?
Alone or together : a risk assessment approach to group housing
What is suffering in animals?

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