Diagnostic Techniques in Equine Medicine 2nd Edition

Diagnostic Techniques in Equine Medicine 2nd Edition PDF

By Frank GR Taylor, Tim J Brazil and Mark H Hillyer

Diagnostic Techniques in Equine Medicine 2nd Edition PDF. Whether to confirm a diagnosis or to narrow down a list of differentials, a wide range of tests, procedures and methods of investigation is available to veterinarians in equine practice. However, practical information about particular techniques is often difficult to find in standard textbooks of equine medicine and surgery. Diagnostic Techniques in Equine Medicine 2nd Edition provides the practical information required to be able to undertake all these procedures. This second edition is organised by techniques per organ system, has been updated thoroughly and includes new material.

  • Clear step-by-step descriptions are illustrated with photographs and line drawings
  • Walks you through conducting a thorough examination with observations on signs and symptoms
  • User-friendly tables illustrate how different techniques can be applied to narrow down a list of differential diagnoses
  • Helpful appendices demonstrate applications of different techniques to assist in defining a diagnosis
  • An increased focus on ultrasound techniques
Table of Contents





CHAPTER 1 – Submission of laboratory samples and interpretation of results

CHAPTER 2 – Alimentary diseases

CHAPTER 3 – Chronic wasting

CHAPTER 4 – Liver diseases

CHAPTER 5 – Endocrine diseases

CHAPTER 6 – Urinary diseases

CHAPTER 7 – Genital diseases, fertility and pregnancy

CHAPTER 8 – Blood disorders

CHAPTER 9 – Cardiovascular diseases

CHAPTER 10 – Lymphatic diseases

CHAPTER 11 – Fluid, electrolyte and acid–base balance

CHAPTER 12 – Respiratory diseases

CHAPTER 13 – Musculoskeletal diseases

CHAPTER 14 – Neurological diseases

CHAPTER 15 – Ocular diseases

CHAPTER 16 – Fat diseases

CHAPTER 17 – Skin diseases

CHAPTER 18 – Post-mortem examination

CHAPTER 19 – Sudden and unexpected death


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