Diagnostic Radiology Physics, A Handbook for Teachers and Students

By International Atomic Energy Agency

Diagnostic Radiology Physics, A Handbook for Teachers and Students PDF. This publication is aimed at students and teachers involved in programmes that train medical physicists for work in diagnostic radiology. It provides a comprehensive overview of the basic medical physics knowledge required in the form of a syllabus for the practice of modern diagnostic radiology. This makes it particularly useful for graduate students and residents in medical physics programmes. The material presented in the publication has been endorsed by the major international organizations and is the foundation for academic and clinical courses in both diagnostic radiology physics and in emerging areas such as imaging in radiotherapy.

Table of Contents


CHAPTER 2. Interactions of Radiation With Matter

CHAPTER 3. Fundamentals of Dosimetry

CHAPTER 4. Measures of Image Quality

CHAPTER 5. X-ray Production

CHAPTER 6. Projection radiography

CHAPTER 7. Receptors for Projection Radiography

CHAPTER 8. Fluoroscopic Imaging Systems

CHAPTER 9. Mammography

CHAPTER 10. Special topics in Radiography

CHAPTER 11. Computed Tomography

CHAPTER 12. Physics of ultrasound

CHAPTER 13. ultrasound IMAGING

CHAPTER 14. Physics of Magnetic Resonance

CHAPTER 15. Magnetic Resonance Imaging

CHAPTER 16. Digital Imaging

CHAPTER 17. Image Post-Processing and Analysis

CHAPTER 18. Image Perception and Assessment

CHAPTER 19. Quality Management

CHAPTER R 20. Radiation biology

CHAPTER 21. Instrumentation for Dosimetry

CHAPTER 22. Patient dosimetry

CHAPTER 23. Justification and Optimization in Clinical Practice

CHAPTER  24. Radiation Protection

APPENDIX: Anatomical Nomenclature
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