Dairy Freestall Housing and Equipment 7th Edition


Dairy Freestall Housing and Equipment 7th Edition

Dairy Freestall Housing And Equipment Pdf

By William G. Bickert, Brian Holmes, Kevin Janni, David Kammel, Richard Stowell, Joe Zulovich


Dairy Freestall Housing and Equipment PDF is a complete guide for planning and developing a total dairy facility. Includes cow comfort and manure safety.

This editions’ expansive updates include increased freestall dimensions; freestall housing; heifer facilities; milking parlors and equipment; ventilation systems; feed storage and distribution. Safety guidelines for liquid manure storage are also included.

must-have reference for anyone planning a dairy facility, including builders, engineers, veterinarians, extension educators, technical school instructors, equipment suppliers, dairy producers, nutritionists, and other farm advisors.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Data Summary

Chapter 2
Total Dairy Facilities

Chapter 3
Replacement Housing

Chapter 4
Milking Herd Facilities

Chapter 5
Milking Center

Chapter 6
Special Handling and Treatment Facilities

Chapter 7
Building Environment

Chapter 8
Manure and Effluent Management

Chapter 9
Feeding Facilities

Chapter 10

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File Format Pdf
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