Color Atlas of Reproductive Pathology of Domestic Animals

Color Atlas of Reproductive Pathology of Domestic Animals PDF Download

By Claus D. Buergelt

Color Atlas of Reproductive Pathology of Domestic Animals PDF. Over 600 illustrations provide authoritative visual guidance on a full range of pathologic disorders occurring in traditional doemstic animal species. Comprehensive coverage encompasses all aspects of the pathology of the male and female reproductive system diseases and includes abortion diseases, fetal malformations, and the interpretation of equine endometrial biospy specimens.

Table of Contents
Pt. 1. Reproductive Organ Examination.
1. Specimen Preparation and Fixation
Pt. 2. Gender Differentiation.
2. Sexual (Gonadal) Differentiation and Intersexes
Pt. 3. Diseases of the Male Reproductive Tract.
3. Testes.
4. Testicular Tumors.
5. Accessory Male Sex Organs.
External Male Genitalia
Pt. 4. Diseases of the Female Reproductive Tract.
7. Female Tract Anomalies.
8. Ovary and Oviduct.
9. Ovarian Tumors.
10. Nonpregnant Uterus.
11. Cervix, Vagina, and Vulva
Pt. 5. Diseases of the Gravid Uterus.
12. Placentation.
13. Incidental Findings on Fetal Membranes and. Equine Term Gestation.
14. Disturbances of Pregnancy.
15. Embryonic and Fetal Death.
16. Abortion Diseases: Noninfectious Causes.
17. Abortion Diseases: Infectious Causes.
18. Fetal Congenital Malformations

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