BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Fracture Repair and Management, 2nd Edition

Fracture management has developed rapidly since the first edition of this manual was published. Fully revised and updated, this second edition has an increased focus on operative techniques and includes easy to follow guides with specially commissioned full-colour illustrations.

The manual covers the background to fracture management, principles of fracture management, repair and management of specific fractures and the treatment and prevention of complications. New chapters address topics such as minimally invasive surgery, orthopaedic implants and bone grafts.

Table of Contents
  1. History of fracture treatment
  2. Fracture classification and description
  3. Bone development and physiology
  4. Biomechanical basis of bone fracture and fracture repair
  5. Fracture healing
  6. Imaging of fractures
  7. Preoperative assessment of the fracture patient
  8. Principles of fracture fixation
  9. Orthopaedic instrumentation
  10. Orthopaedic implants; Basic surgical techniques
  11. Open fractures
  12. Pathological fractures
  13. Bone grafts and alternatives
  14. Minimally invasive osteosynthesis
  15. Non-surgical management of fractures
  16. The skull and mandible
  17. The spine
  18. The scapula
  19. The humerus
  20. The radius and ulna
  21. The pelvis and sacroiliac joint
  22. The femur
  23. The tibia and fibula
  24. The carpus and tarsus
  25. The distal limb
  26. The patella, fabellae and popliteal sesamoids
  27. Fracture disease
  28. Implant failure
  29. Osteomyelitis
  30. Complications of fracture healing

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