Applied Animal Endocrinology

Applied Animal Endocrinology PDF

By E. James Squires

Applied Animal Endocrinology PDF explains the role of hormones in improving and monitoring the production, performance, reproduction, behavior and health of animals. With its focus on livestock animals – cattle, pigs, sheep and horses, as well as poultry and fish – the book uses an integrative approach to cover endocrine concepts across species. This updated edition is expanded to include new topics in each section, with updated references, revised study questions and an expanded subject index. It is an essential text for students in animal and veterinary sciences as well as those in academia and industry that are interested in applications of endocrinology in animal production systems.

Table of Contents
1: Hormone and Receptor Structure and Function
2: Introduction
3: Synthesis, Release and Metabolism of Hormones
4: Receptors and Hormone Action
5: Pituitary-Hypothalamic Integration of Hormone Action
6: Endocrine Methodologies
7: Methods for Studying Endocrine Function
8: Measurement of Hormones and Receptors
9: Methods for the Production of Hormones
10: Manipulation of Endocrine Function
11: Manipulation of Growth and Carcass Composition
12: Overview
13: Anabolic Steroids and Analogues
14: Use of Intact (Uncastrated) Male Pigs
15: Somatotropin
16: b-Adrenergic Agonists
17: Thyroid Hormones
18: Dietary Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
19: Leptin
20: Cholecystokinin and Appetite
21: Antibiotics, Antimicrobials and Other Factors
22: Endocrine Effects on Animal Products
23: Mammary Gland Development and Milk Production
24: Egg Production
25: Wool Production and Endocrine Defleecing
26: Endocrine Manipulation of Reproduction
27: Manipulation of Reproduction in Mammals
28: Endocrine Manipulations in Aquaculture
29: Effects on Animal Behaviour, Health and Welfare
30: Control of broodiness in Poultry
31: Applications of Pheromones
32: Effects of Stress
33: Endocrine Applications in Toxicology

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