In Touch, An Introduction to Canine Massage

In Touch, An Introduction to Canine Massage PDF

By Julia Penistan

In Touch, An Introduction to Canine Massage PDF. Massage my dog??? You bet! In Touch, An Introduction to Canine Massage is for everyone from pet owners who want to connect with their dog, to performance owners who want to maintain their dog between professional sessions. It will help owners and handlers offer a gentle massage, learn how to feel for an injured muscle, and know when to ask for veterinary help. In 126 photographs and very accessible language, this book covers the basics of when and when not to massage, how to read a dog’s body language, find the bony landmarks of the dog’s body, learn a safe massage and apply calming acupressure points. All to help dogs and their people stay In Touch.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments iv
Introduction vi
Why Massage My Dog? 8
Where’s Best? When’s Best? 9
Where? 10
When and How Often? 13
Are There Times I Should Not Massage My Dog? 14
How Is My Dog Going to Tell Me How They Feel
When I Massage Them? 15
Let’s Get To It! 20
Discovering the Relief Map of the Body 22
Off We Go! 34
The Opening 35
The Head and Neck 37
The Front Limb 40
The Trunk, aka The Back and Sides 46
The Hind Limb 53
The Closing 57
Easy Peasy Points – Miraculous Acupressure 59
Record Keeping 63
Helpful Hints 65
Going Farther, Learning More 69
Resources 71
Afterword 77

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