Zoos and Animal Welfare

Zoos and Animal Welfare PDF

By Christine Van Tuyl

Zoos and Animal Welfare PDF. Essays discuss zoos and the treatment of animals in captivity, covering the role of zoos in education and ensuring the survival of certain species, the problem of surplus animals, and how elephants react to captivity.

Table of Contents

Animals suffer in captivity

Animals do not suffer in captivity

Elephants do not belong in zoos

Elephants are thriving in zoos

Elephants are better off in sanctuaries

Elephants are not necessarily better off in sanctuaries

Surplus animals are a big problem

Surplus animals are being dealt with

Zoos play a key role in education

Zoos do not play a key role in education

Captive breeding programs contribute to conservation

Captive breeding programs are a failure

Zoos have a bright future

Zoos should be abolished

Appendix. What you should know about zoos and animal welfare ; What you should do about zoos and animal welfare

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