Zoonotic Pathogens in the Food Chain

Zoonotic Pathogens in the Food Chain PDF

By Denis O. Krause and Stephen Hendrick

Zoonotic Pathogens in the Food Chain Book PDF. Beginning with their sources, including manure and animal feed, and detailing their development, spread and transmission to humans, Zoonotic Pathogens in the Food Chain gives an insightful introduction to and epidemiological overview of the problems raised by zoonotic pathogens. The authors specifically examine the attributes of microorganisms that allow potential contamination of food sources and the factors in modern animal production processes that contribute to the risk of infection. Chapters discuss in detail pathogens that have recently emerged as important sources of infection, investigating in depth the implications of avian flu, swine flu, bovine spongiform encephalopathies and Johne’s disease for human consumers, and considering where potential mitigation strategies should be focused. With a focus on new trends in animal production, such as organic livestock farming and raw milk consumption, this text provides an interesting and up-to-date reference for researchers, academics and those with an interest in pathology working in the livestock industry.

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Table of Contents
Globalization of the food supply and the spread of disease
Epidemiology of pathogens in the food supply
Manure as a source of zoonotic pathogens
Animal feed as a source of zoonotic pathogens
Milk and raw milk consumption as a vector for human disease
Contribution of antibiotic residues and antibiotic resistance genes from livestock operations
to antibiotic resistance in the environment and food chain
On-farm mitigation of enteric pathogens to prevent human disease
Organic agriculture and its contribution to zoonotic pathogens
Zoonotic implications of avian and swine influenza
Crohn’s disease in humans and Johne’s disease in cattle: linked diseases?
Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies as a case study in policy development for zoonoses

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