Veterinary Laser Therapy in Small Animal Practice


Veterinary Laser Therapy in Small Animal Practice

Veterinary Laser Therapy In Small Animal Practice Pdf Book

By Bryan J. Stephens and María Suárez Redondo

Veterinary Laser Therapy in Small Animal Practice PDF. Laser therapy has become increasingly popular in small animal practice and has many benefits to the patient – including reduced inflammation, faster tissue healing and less pain, and can be used in a wide variety of conditions including wounds, sprains and fractures.

Aimed at the first opinion vet, this very practical book covers the most important aspects of laser use in the practice environment. But it does so in a slightly different approach, taking two (often mis-aligned) perspectives – fundamental science and clinical applications – and combining them for a robust, useful guide to the practice of laser therapy.

It includes: how lasers work on tissue, how to use them in different scenarios, how to maximise results, how to use them on different conditions including soft tissue, musculoskeletal and neurological, how to integrate lasers with other therapies, when not to use lasers or use with caution, how to choose the equipment and implement it in the practice environment and promote the treatment to clients. The book also includes case studies to illustrate the use of lasers in practice on a range of conditions in different animals including dogs, cats and exotics.

Veterinary Laser Therapy in Small Animal Practice combines the clinical and scientific approaches reflected in the work of the two authors, showing how both sides together can help you have a positive impact on the patient.

Table of Contents




Some of what you will see

Introduction: light as a healing tool

Part 1 Light’s actions in the body

Chapter 1 Light is just the catalyst

Chapter 2 Blood and light

Chapter 3 Anti-inflammatory effect

Chapter 4 Analgesic effect

Chapter 5 Tissue healing

Chapter 6 Light’s path to all these places in the body

Chapter 7 Pointing light at soft tissue: clinical applications

Chapter 8 Different flavors (frequencies) for different tissues.

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