Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging: Birds, Exotic Pets and Wildlife

Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging: Birds, Exotic Pets And Wildlife

By Charles S. Farrow

Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging: Birds, Exotic Pets and Wildlife PDF discusses veterinary diagnostic imaging and new technologies for multiple modalities to help you accurately diagnose and pinpoint common injuries and disease. Divided into three sections — Birds, Mammals, and Reptiles — each section includes valuable information on positioning for specific structures, imaging findings, and more for each species with a wealth of photographs to provide real-life examples.

  • Atlas-sized radiographs allow you to easily visualize the injury or indication of disease.
  • Comparison radiographs display a normal image with an abnormal image to highlight differences and help you identify abnormalities in practice.
  • “Telescopic” images provide close-up views of larger radiographs to help you identify salient points visible in the radiograph.
  • Content tailored to each species highlights the common injuries and diseases for each avian and exotic species.
  • Discussions of multiple modalities including ultrasound, MRI, and CT provide all the information you need for diagnostic imaging in one resource.
Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – Avian Radiography and Radiographic Diagnosis

Chapter 2 – Wild Birds

Chapter 3 – Cage Birds

Chapter 4 – The Wing: Particulars of Flight

Chapter 5 – The Wing: Normal Gross Anatomy

Chapter 6 – The Wing: Radiography and Normal Radiographic Anatomy

Chapter 7 – The Wing: Normal Computed Tomographic Anatomy

Chapter 8 – The Wing: An Overview of Wing Injuries

Chapter 9 – The Wing: Fracture Types and Tendencies

Chapter 10 – The Wing: Fracture Healing and Nonhealing

Chapter 11 – The Wing: Soft Tissue Injuries

Chapter 12 – The Wing: Dislocation, Fracture-Dislocation, and Traumatic Amputation and Avulsion

Chapter 13 – The Wing: Gunshots

Chapter 14 – The Wing: Infections

Chapter 15 – The Wing: Posttraumatic Osteoarthritis

Chapter 16 – Spine, Pelvis, and Hips

Chapter 17 – The Leg

Chapter 18 – The Head

Chapter 19 – The Throat and Neck

Chapter 20 – The Torso


Chapter 21 – Guinea Pigs

Chapter 22 – Hamsters

Chapter 23 – Rats

Chapter 24 – Chinchillas, Degus, and Gophers

Chapter 25 – Hedgehogs

Chapter 26 – Rabbits

Chapter 27 – Ferrets

Chapter 28 – Skunks, Squirrels, Raccoons, and Armadillos

Chapter 29 – Monkeys and Other Nonhuman Primates

Chapter 30 – Acreage Pets: Alpacas, Llamas, Miniature Horses, Miniature Goats, and Pot-Bellied Pigs

Chapter 31 – Performance and Demonstration Pets: Bear and Bison


Chapter 32 – Snakes

Chapter 33 – Lizards

Chapter 34 – Turtles

Chapter 35 – Caimans


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