Tschauner’s Guide to Small Animals Clinics 2nd Edition

Tschauner's Guide To Small Animals Clinics Pdf By Chris Pasquini, Susan Pasquini

By Chris Pasquini, Susan Pasquini

Downlaod Tschauner’s Guide to Small Animals Clinics PDF From Our Largest Veterinary Books Online. This book is a truely wonderful collection of text, tables and drawings. The small cartoons break up the monotony of study, as well as providing visual prompts regarding the particular condition.
Each disease/condition has concise information regarding causes, clinical signs, diagnoses and treatment, as well as differentials. Each is summarized by a few key points, and all ‘commonly seen’/diagnostic of choice etc are in bold print for easy identification.
A great book, vital for clinical rotations, exam study and graduate practice.

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Table of Contents

Quick Table of Contents, Quick References
Page setup
Differential Diagnosis
Complete references
Student – Memory – Notebook
Vaccinations – Cat
Vaccinations – Dog
Digestive System
Respiratory System
Circulatory System
Urinary System
Reproductive System
Neuromuscular System
Skeletal System
Endocrine System
Systemic Diseases
Drugs – Trade name®: generic name
Drugs – generic name: Trade name®
Measurements – Equivalents
Drug abbreviations/Blood tubes
Inside front cover

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