The Veterinary Book for Dairy Farmers 4th Edition

The Veterinary Book For Dairy Farmers 4Th Edition Pdf

By Roger W. Blowey

The Veterinary Book for Dairy Farmers 4th Edition PDF. The ever-changing world of cattle farming requires farmers to be up-to-date with best-practice procedures and the latest advances in husbandry techniques. Now in its 4th edition, Roger Blowey’s updated version of the acclaimed A Veterinary Book for Dairy Farmers deals with newly emerging problems in cattle farming, as well as covering the necessary knowledge required for maintenance and prosperity. In this practical guide to animal health and husbandry, Blowey highlights developments in established conditions, including lameness, Johnes, BVD, and mastitis. Other updates include the prevention and treatment of emerging diseases, such as Schmallenberg and Blue Tongue, and current issues in farming, such as developments in calf rearing and the increasing incidences of botulism and antimicrobial resistance. This book is a comprehensive and practical text for dairy farmers, stockmen, veterinary academics, and students to navigate this changing field.

Table of Contents

1. A concept of disease, immunity and treatment

2. The young calf

3. The weaned calf

4. Rearing dairy heifers

5. The cow at calving

6. Metabolic disorders

7. Mastitis and conditions of the udder

8. Fertility and its control

9. Lameness and foot trimming

10. Diseases of the skin

11. Notifiable diseases of salmonellosis and zoonoses

12. Minerals, trace elements, vitamins and water

13. Miscellaneous digestive, respiratory and other conditions

14. Routine tasks and dealing with poisons

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