The Rabbit Raising Problem Solver: Your Questions Answered about Housing, Feeding, Behavior, Health Care, Breeding, and Kindling

By Karen Patry

The Rabbit Raising Problem Solver PDF. While rabbits are well-known for being cute and fuzzy creatures, they can also be very difficult to care for. Whether you’re an experienced rabbit farmer or building your first hutch for a pet bunny, The Rabbit-Raising Problem Solver has answers to all of your most pressing questions. In a handy question-and-answer format Karen Patry expertly addresses every aspect of rabbit care, including housing, feeding, breeding, kindling, health, and behavior. This informative, easy-to-use guide has reliable, humane solutions that will keep your animals healthy and happy.

Table of Contents
Part. 1. All about rabbits : from wild to domestic
The nature of the beast
The rabbit as a pet
The business of raising rabbits

Part. 2. Basic care of rabbits : housing and feeding
Housing rabbits : Inside or out?
Feeding rabbits

Part. 3. Making more rabbits : Breeding and kindling
The mechanics of mating
The pregnant rabbit
Kindling and newborn care
Managing the nursery

Part. 4. In sickness and in health : Illness and injury

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