The Practice of Sheep Veterinary Medicine

The Practice of Sheep Veterinary Medicine PDF

By Kym Abbott

The Practice of Sheep Veterinary Medicine is intended to be a reference text for veterinarians who provide clinical services to sheep producers. It is directed first and foremost at Australian sheep-raising systems, but the approaches described herein will have wide application in all countries where sheep are raised under extensive grazing conditions.

Most of the important conditions of sheep in Australia are relatively straightforward to diagnose, but the establishment of effective and economically sound control strategies is often the most difficult part of health management, particularly for those who are less familiar with sheep production systems. With six initial chapters focusing on providing readers with a basic understanding of the business and science underpinning sheep production, this book focuses its remaining chapters on reproduction and disease conditions, ordered largely on a systems basis. The book provides details about the way disease processes develop and manifest in sheep flocks, with numerous references for those who wish to read further.

Thanks to the strengths of both its wool industry and its sheep meat industry, Australian sheep production is a profitable and fulfilling agricultural pursuit for a large number of farm owners. This book is intended to assist those who work in the industry to add to the profitability and efficiency of sheep production systems, the quality of sheep products and the welfare of the sheep in those systems.

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About the author

Kym Abbott is a sheep veterinary specialist and adjunct professor of sheep medicine at the University of Adelaide. Dr Abbott was a farm animal practitioner then sheep veterinary consultant in South Australia and western Victoria before taking up academic appointments at the University of Sydney and the Royal Veterinary College, London. He was the founding head of the Veterinary School at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, then head and professor of sheep medicine at the University of Adelaide. Dr Abbott completed his MVS at the Mackinnon Project of the University of Melbourne in 1986 and PhD in ovine footrot at the University of Sydney in 2000.

Table of Contents

Preface vi
About the authors
1 Veterinary service to sheep farms
2 The sheep farm as a business
3 The sheep farm as a production system
4 Sheep farm products: Wool, meat, skins, and milk
5 Genetics on the sheep farm
6 The energy and protein nutrition of grazing sheep
7 Reproductive management and diseases in naturally mated flocks
8 Controlled breeding
9 Helminth diseases of sheep
10 Diseases of the integument and eye
11 Deficiencies of trace elements and vitamins
12 Management and diseases of weaner sheep
13 Lameness
14 Sudden death
15 Diseases of the central nervous system
16 Diseases of the alimentary tract
17 Diseases of the liver
18 Diseases of the urinary system
19 Diseases of the blood and lymphatic system
20 Diseases of the respiratory system

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