Textbook of Clinical Parasitology in Dogs and Cats

This book is the second edition of a group of two volumes edited in 2005, and addresses clinical aspects of canine and feline parasitoses.

The objectives of this book are:

• To give a complete view of the main parasites that can be observed and diagnosed in dogs and cats, with particular focus on the European region.

• To confirm the appropriate methods of diagnosis and to emphasise the importance of parasitological diagnosis (coproscopy, parasite observation), which is often forgotten by veterinarians.

• To discuss the treatment and prevention of parasitoses, and the zoonotic risks linked to these diseases. This book concentrates on the most important general information and does not discuss taxonomy, morphology or biology in any great detail. The pictures in this book have been sourced from the French Veterinary Schools, other European veterinary faculties, and the authors. Not all photos are of the same size or proportions due to the variation in microscopy equipment used, processing techniques, magnification, zoom, etc. The authors focused on Parasitology sensu stricto (helminthology, protozoology and entomo-acarology), so fungal infections are not included in this book. This book has been developed specifically for veterinarians and veterinary students so that they may rapidly access information about infestation, clinical studies, diagnosis, therapy, prevention and zoonotic risks.

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