Solving Equine Behaviour Problems: An Equitation Science Approach

Solving Equine Behaviour Problems: An Equitation Science Approach PDF

By Rose M Scofield

Solving Equine Behaviour Problems: An Equitation Science Approach PDF. Horses can develop a range of behavioural problems, which if left untreated, could cause the relationship between horse and human to break down. With many different well-meaning opinions offered to solve such situations, it can be difficult to find the right path.

In this book, Rose Scofield examines behavioural issues using the latest academic research. Offering practical solutions and with useful diagrams and photographs throughout, the book helps to protect and develop the horse-human relationship. It:

  • Addresses issues by circumstance, making it easy to find solutions to all your handling, groundwork, and riding problems;
  • Uses scientific research to investigate both the problems themselves and the methods tasked to solve them;
  • Includes illuminating case studies illustrating problems and how solutions work in practice.

Beginning with an introduction to the main principles of equitation science, Solving Equine Behaviour Problems then covers over 30 major issues, including biting, kicking, separation anxiety, loading, shying, bucking and bolting. It provides key points, take home messages and scientific references, translating lessons from experimental science into practical help for both professionals and the horse enthusiast.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Guide to Equitation Science

Chapter 2: Handling the Horse

Chapter 3: Groundwork and Foundation Training

Chapter 4: Ridden Work

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