Small Animal Medicine and Metabolic Disorders: Self-Assessment Color Review 2nd Edition

Veterinary medicine continues to evolve and progress, as concepts change, new disorders are recognised and novel diagnostic approaches are reported. Small Animal Abdominal and Metabolic Disorders Self-Assessment Color Review brings together a wide variety of cases and clinical situations which are related to disorders and diseases affecting organs of the abdominal cavity and the endocrine/metabolic system.

Each case is presented in a different way reflecting the experience of each specialist author who has contributed to the text. This book is of interest to all veterinary surgeons and students, as it provides a rich mix of material ranging from relatively simple straightforward cases to complex and controversial subjects. It is designed not only to test the ability of the reader but also to educate and inform.


…well laid-out, has good, useful photography and is easy to follow…I have no hesitation in recommending this book to those who wish to expand their knowledge.
Veterinary Nursing

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