Raptor Research and Management Techniques PDF


Raptor Research and Management Techniques

Raptor Research And Management Techniques Pdf

By David M. Bird and Keith L. Bildstein

Raptor Research and Management Techniques PDF is the much antici-pated and thoroughly updated version of the popular but long out of print “Raptor Management Techniques Manual”. Produced by the Raptor Research Foundation, this is a comprehensive work designed for use by raptor researchers and conservationists and natural-resource managers around the world. Each chapter has been authored by experts in the field and has undergone rigorous review. Not an all-inclusive manual or detailed “how-to” book, this new work reflects the state of the art in raptor research, with up-to-date information on various techniques, and numerous references to additional sources for details and cautions regarding various field and laboratory techniques and management tools. Beginning with a general review of the field of raptor research, it includes insights into field-study techniques, information on the energetics, physiology, pathology, and toxicology of raptors; it covers reduction of management and researcher disturbance, mitigation, population monitoring at migration watchsites, captive breeding, the augmentation of wild populations, and rehabilitation, and concludes with chapters on public education and legal considerations. This book will enhance standardisation in the field, speed improvement in techniques and help those who study and manage birds to better protect them.

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Table of Contents




1- The Raptor Literature

2- Raptor Identification, Ageing, and Sexing

3- Systematics

4- Study Design, Data Management, Analysis, and Presentation

5- Survey Techniques

6- Migration Counts and Monitoring

7- Behavioral Studies

8- Food Habits

9- Habitat Sampling

10- Accessing Nests

11- Assessing Nesting Success and Productivity

12- Capture Techniques

13- Marking Techniques

14- Spatial Tracking

15- Enegetics

16- Physiology

17- Pathology.

18- Toxicology

19- Reducing Management and Research Disturbance

20- Mitigation

21- Captive Breeding

22- Augmenting Wild Populations and Food Resources

23- Rehabilitation

24- Public Education

25- Legal Considerations



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