Rabbit Production 9th Edition

Rabbit Production 9th Edition PDF

By James I McNitt, Nephi Patton, Steven Lukefahr and Peter Robert Cheeke

Rabbit Production 9th Edition PDF is fully updated throughout. Mainly concerning rabbits bred for meat and fur, it also contains practical information on pet rabbits, show rabbits and rabbits used as laboratory animals. Core topics are covered, including rabbit genetics, reproduction, health and diseases, behaviour, welfare, fur and meat production, rabbit production in developing countries, slaughter and the marketing of rabbit products. Current areas of interest such as animal welfare and coat colour genetics are expanded in the new edition.

An important resource for all those involved in rabbit production, this book is also vital reading for students and researchers of animal science and meat production, as well as the keen amateur rabbit enthusiast.

Table of Contents

Table of contents

A: Preface

1: Introduction

2: Rabbit Production Worldwide

3: Rabbit Breeds

4: The Rabbitry and Its Equipment

5: Rabbit Management

6: Economics and Financial Management

7: Principles of Rabbit Nutrition

8: Feeds and Feeding

9: Toxins in Feeds

10: Rabbit Diseases and Health Problems

11: Rabbit Reproduction

12: Rabbit Behavior

13: Principles of Rabbit Genetics

14: Breeding Systems

15: Genetic Selection for Herd Improvement

16: Coat Color Genetics of Rabbits

17: Rabbit Shows

18: Pet Rabbits

19: Animal Welfare

20: Rabbits for Family and Small Farm Development

21: Rabbit Production in Developing Countries

22: Rex Fur Production

23: Angora Wool Production

24: Meat Production

25: Slaughtering and Preparation of Meat and Skins

26: Marketing Rabbits and Their Products

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