Practical Physiotherapy for Veterinary Nurses

Practical Physiotherapy for Veterinary Nurses

By Donna Carver

Practical Physiotherapy for Veterinary Nurses Book PDF. Reflecting a rapidly growing area of interest in veterinary practice, this practical, pocket-sized guide to small animal physiotherapy has been designed for quick reference, providing the ideal guide for busy practice veterinary nurses when they really need it.

  • Reflects the need for a text in this rapidly growing area of interest, providing the first on this topic for veterinary nurses
  • Designed in a pocket-sized format so that VNs can carry it around for quick reference
  • The author has ideal experience for this field, having worked as both a veterinary nurse and an animal physiotherapist
  • This book is accompanied by a companion website which contains videos and self-test questions and answers
Table of Contents

Acknowledgements, vii

About the companion website, ix

1 Musculoskeletal physiotherapy 1

Introduction 1

Gait analysis 2

History taking 5

Physical examination 6

Exercise plans 7

Physiotherapy treatment techniques and modalities 8

Musculoskeletal presenting conditions 24

Pain management 75

Physiotherapy musculoskeletal assessment 79

Self]assessment questions 86

2 Neurology 89

Introduction 89

Surgical presenting conditions 91

Non]surgical presenting conditions 116

Medical neurological presenting conditions 125

Neurological assessment 136

Physiotherapy assessment for the neurology patient 142

Self]assessment questions 148

3 Respiratory physiotherapy 151

Introduction 151

Chest auscultation and interpretation 152


Percussion note technique and interpretation 153

Interpretation of blood gases 154

Respiratory failure 154

Cardiorespiratory monitoring 156

Electrocardiograms 158

Respiratory presenting conditions 160

Respiratory physiotherapy treatment techniques 164

Self]assessment questions 181

4 Hydrotherapy 185

Introduction 185

The aims of hydrotherapy 185

Pool chemistry 187

Properties of water 188

Hydrotherapy for specific conditions 189

Self]assessment questions 202

Appendices 205

Abbreviations 209

References 211

Self-assessment answers 213

Index 219

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