Professionalism and Reflection in Veterinary Nursing

Professionalism And Reflection In Veterinary Nursing Pdf

By Susan Badger and Andrea Jeffery

Professionalism and Reflection in Veterinary Nursing PDF offers insight into the role of the veterinary nurse in the 21st century. It provides useful information that facilitates a deeper understanding of the underlying theory that supports clinical nursing practice. Exploring concepts that underpin the delivery of professional veterinary nursing, the book covers core issues, themes and principles that explain what it means to be a veterinary nurse.

  • The role of the registered veterinary nurse
  • The registered veterinary nurse’s responsibility to the patient
  • Evidence-based veterinary nursing
  • Veterinary nurse trainer and educator resources

A timely publication due to the increased recognition and expectations of the role of the veterinary nursing profession, Professionalism and Reflection in Veterinary Nursing is ideal for veterinary student nurses and qualified veterinary nurses, enabling them to contribute to the development of the professional identity.

Table of Contents

Notes on Contributors vii

About the Companion Website ix

Introduction 1
Sue Badger and Andrea Jeffery

1 The History of Veterinary Nursing in the UK 9
Sue Badger

2 The Professional and Political Context of Veterinary Nursing in the UK 19
Andrea Jeffery

3 The Professional RVN 30
Evie Yon, Perdi Welsh, and Hamish Morrin

4 Clinical Advocacy — The RVN’s Responsibility to the Patient and the Client 56
Kathy Kissick

5 The Veterinary Nurse’s Role in Supporting the Client 73
Jill Macdonald

6 The Veterinary Nurse Educator 105
Hilary Orpet and Andrea Jeffery

7 The Role of the RVN in Society 130
Rebecca Jones

8 The Reflective Practitioner 151
Sue Badger

9 The RVN’s Role in Evidence-Based Veterinary Nursing 173
Sarah Batt-Williams and Lyndsay Wade

Index 212

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