Poultry Diseases Production and Its Management

Poultry Diseases Production And Its Management

By Savita Sharma

Poultry Diseases Production and Its Management PDF emphasises the poultry diseases, production and its management. It includes detailed coverage of poultry in India and abroad, different breeds, general anatomy and different viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic and nutritional diseases and its control measures. Besides this maintenance & management of poultry farm house and present status of Indian poultry are also incorporated in the book. A separate chapter on terms used in poultry production adds much value to the book as a ready reckoner to understand keywords. Important questions related with the diseases of poultry have also been appended at the end of the book. This book is highly useful for students, teachers and researchers specializing in poultry and veterinary science. It will be equally useful for poultry consultants and diagnosticians.

Table of Contents

Preface v
1. Poultry Industry 1
(i) In India
(ii) In Abroad
2. Different Breeds of Chicken 15
3. General Anatomy of Chicken 31
4. Poultry Disease & their Control 39
(i) Viral
(ii) Bacterial
(iii) Fungal
(iv) Protozoan
(v) Parasitic
(vi) Nutritional
(vii) Miscellaneous Diseases
5. Poultry Farming in India 49
6. Present Status of Indian Poultry 55
7. Poultry Management 63
8. Terms Used in Poultry Production 69
9. Question Related with the Disease of Poultry 75

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