Pathology of Australian Native Wildlife


Pathology of Australian Native Wildlife

Pathology Of Australian Native Wildlife

By Philip Ladds

Pathology of Australian Native Wildlife PDF brings together in one volume all of the available information on the anatomical pathology of Australian native vertebrate wildlife, excluding fish. It provides rapid access to documented information on diseases in Australian wildlife, domiciled in Australia as well as overseas, and will facilitate accurate diagnosis.

The book comprises 45 chapters, each detailing pathological changes found in diseases caused by particular aetiological agents such as viruses, bacteria and nematode parasites in terrestrial and marine mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Although the aim is to describe morphological (gross and microscopic) changes, an attempt has also been made to indicate history and clinical signs that might suggest a particular disease, aetiological agent or pathological process, thus providing guidance as to which lesions should be searched for, and what ancillary testing might be needed to confirm a diagnosis.

Illustrated throughout with color photographs, this will be an invaluable reference for veterinary pathologists and clinicians, as well as wildlife researchers, zoos and wildlife parks, environmentalists and conservationists, and students.

Table of Contents
1 Pathology of stress
2 Viral diseases in terrestrialmammals
3 Viral diseases in marinemammals
4 Viral diseases in birds
5 Viral diseases in reptiles
6 Viral diseases in amphibians
7 Bacterial diseases interrestrial mammals
8 Bacterial diseases inmarine mammals
9 Bacterial diseases in birds
10 Bacterial diseases in reptiles
11 Bacterial diseasesin amphibians
12 Mycotic and algal-associateddiseases in terrestrialmammals
13 Mycotic and algal-associateddiseases in marine mammals
14 Mycotic and algal-associateddiseases in birds

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