Pain Management for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses

Pain Management for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses guides readers through the important concepts of animal pain management, providing specific approaches to managing pain in a wide variety of veterinary conditions. Emphasizing the technician’s role in advocating for the patient, the book equips technicians with the knowledge needed to manage pain in dogs, cats, horses, livestock, exotics, and zoo animals. Logically and comprehensively covering this difficult subject, Pain Management for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses provides both introductory material on the tenets of pain management and specific techniques to apply in the clinical setting.

With information on recognizing and understanding pain, the physiology of pain, pharmacology, and analgesia in different settings, the book outlines how to practice good pain management as an integral part of nursing care. Pain Management for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses provides both basic and advanced information, allowing students, practicing veterinary technicians and nurses, and veterinary staff alike to take a more active role in pain management and develop a more thorough understanding of this complex subject.

About The Author

Mary Ellen Goldberg, BS, LVT, CVT, SRA, CCRA, is an instructor of Anesthesia and Pain Management at VetMedTeam, LLC.  She is on the Board of Directors and Executive Secretary of the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management and a charter technician member of the American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians.

Nancy Shaffran, CVT, VTS (ECC), is an international professional veterinary educator with an extensive background in critical care and pain management. She is a charter member and past president of the Academy of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Technicians and is president elect of the International Academy of Veterinary Pain Management.

Table of Contents

Contributors ix

Preface xi

Acknowledgements xiii

About the Companion Website xv

Chapter 1 Advancing Veterinary Pain Management into a New Era 1
Patricia R. Zehna

Chapter 2 Pain Management Careers for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses 8
Mary Ellen Goldberg, Kristen Hagler, and Janel Holden

Chapter 3 Pain Recognition in Companion Species, Horses, and Livestock 15
Cheryl Irzyk Kata, Samantha Rowland, and Mary Ellen Goldberg

Chapter 4 Physiology of Pain 30
Kristen Cooley

Chapter 5 Analgesic Pharmacology 42
Michelle Albino

Chapter 6 Locoregional Analgesic Blocking Techniques 67
Mary Ellen Goldberg, Nancy Shaffran, Kim Spelts, David Liss, Tasha McNerney, Trish Farry, Samantha Rowland, and Jennifer L. Dupre

Chapter 7 Surgical Pain Management 93
Tasha McNerney and Trish Farry

Chapter 8 Analgesia for Emergency and Critical Care Patients 115
Kim Spelts and David Liss

Chapter 9 Chronic Pain Management for the Companion Animal 125
Christopher L. Norkus

Chapter 10 Analgesia for Shelter Medicine and Trap-Neuter-Return Programs 147
Mary Ellen Goldberg

Chapter 11 Analgesia in Equine Practice 157
Samantha Rowland and Jennifer L. Dupre

Chapter 12 Analgesia for Livestock and Camelids 185
Mary Ellen Goldberg

Chapter 13 Analgesia in Exotic Animals 216
Kate Lafferty, Stephen J. Cital, and Mary Ellen Goldberg

Chapter 14 Analgesia for Zoo Animal and Wildlife Practice 263
Lindsay Wesselmann, Stephen J. Cital, and Mary Ellen Goldberg

Chapter 15 Nutritional Considerations for Pain Management in Dogs and Cats 286
Kara M. Burns

Chapter 16 Physical Rehabilitation and the Veterinary Technician 295
Stephanie Ortel

Chapter 17 The Veterinary Technician in Alternative Therapies 309
Stephanie Ortel, Mary Ellen Goldberg, Lis Conarton, Kari Koudelka, and Robin Downing

Chapter 18 Pain Management for End-of-Life Care 331
Amir Shanan


Appendix A: Formulary 340

Appendix B: Constant Rate Infusions Example Calculations 384

Appendix C: Critical Care Case Studies 393

Appendix D: Routine Case Protocols 396

Appendix E: Key Signs of Pain According to Chapters of Text 399

Appendix F: Further Reading 401

Index 403

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