Notions of Reproductive Techniques in Snakes

By Diego Cattarossi

Notions of Reproductive Techniques in Snakes PDF. Snakes indisputably fascinate and at the same time frighten man. Nobody can remain indifferent in front of creatures so distant morphologically from us but so present in our tradition and in the collective imagination. Snakes have always been captured for detention or public display, but we knew little about their procreation and the possibility of obtaining a “domestic” population. The captive reproduction of these reptiles has so far been the prerogative of very few passionate herpetologists who, with commitment and great efforts, have been the first to experiment with the most effective techniques to give birth to their young in an environment controlled by humans. In this book we try to make this knowledge common heritage, explaining how to manage a breeding animal, how to create pairs, how to feed them in order to obtain effective reproduction. There is no lack of veterinary insights into the most common diseases and the use of ultrasound for gynecological and obstetric purposes. The book is enriched with many photos and images.

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