Manual of Equine Practice 2nd Edition

Manual of Equine Practice 2nd Edition PDF

By Reuben J. Rose and David R. Hodgson

Manual of Equine Practice 2nd Edition PDF. Here’s the completely revised and expanded 2nd Edition of this handy, on-the-spot clinical reference to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the horse. Consistent format allows easy access to necessary information. Subject matter is organized by body system. Discussion of specific diseases within each system starts with a brief introduction, history, clinical signs, diagnosis, and treatments. A quick and practical reference in a compact size!

  • Includes new chapters on Practical Diagnostic Imaging, Clinical Pathology.
  • Presents protocols for approaching common presenting complaints, giving readers a quick checklist for diagnostic work-up.
  • Presents vaccination schedules in a clear, straightforward format.
  • Incorporates valuable tips for achieving optimal results from diagnostic ultrasound.
  • Offers detailed discussions of pharmacologic treatments, including the trade names and available forms of each drug.
  • Explores the key diseases that affect each body system, progressing from the history and presenting signs through clinical findings and diagnosis, differential diagnosis, and treatment.
  • Covers todays best treatment techniques, including fluid and electrolyte therapy and antibiotic therapy.
Table of Contents

1 Physical Examination

2 Protocols for Common Presenting Complaints

3 Practical Diagnostic Imaging

4 Musculoskeletal System

5 Respiratory System

6 Cardiovascular System

7 Alimentary System

8 Reproduction

9 Pediatrics

10 Urinary System

11 Ophthalmology

12 Hemolymphatic System

13 Dermatology

14 Neurology

15 Endocrinology

16 Practical Clinical Pathology

17 Clinical Bacteriology

18 Clinical Nutrition

19 Therapy

1 Dose Rates, Use, and Route of Administration of Some Drugs Commonly Used in Equine Practice
2 Reference Values for Serum or Plasma Biochemical Measurements
3 Treatment Numbers
4 Suggested Immunization Chart for Horses
5 Vaccines and Antitoxins Currently Available
6 Company Addresses


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