Mamluks and Animals, Veterinary Medicine in Medieval Islam

By Housni Alkhateeb Shehada

Mamluks and Animals, Veterinary Medicine in Medieval Islam PDF is the first comprehensive study of veterinary medicine, its practitioners and its patients in the medieval Islamic world, with special emphasis on the Mamluk period (1250-1517). Based on a large variety of sources, it is a history of a scientific field that is also examined from social and cultural perspectives. Horses, as well as birds of prey used for hawking and falconry, were at the centre of the veterinary literature of that period, but the treatment and cure of other animals was not totally neglected. The Mamluk period is presented here as the time when veterinary medicine reached its pinnacle in medieval Islam and often even surpassed human medicine.

Table of Contents

1- Preliminary material

2- Introduction
3- Animals in Mamluk Society
4- The Pre-Mamluk Veterinary Traditions
5- Scholars, Equestrians, and Veterinarians
6- The Veterinary Profession
7- Theoretical Aspects
8- Preventive Medicine and Diagnostics
9- Non-Invasive Practises in Veterinary Treatment
10- Invasive Methods of Treatment in Veterinary Medicine
11- Conclusions
12- Sources and Bibliography
13- General Index
14- Plates

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